Adaptive Wireless Applications and Protocols:

In this research area, we investigate adaptation and scheduling algorithms to enable rich wireless data applications through multi-layer adaptations of communication protocols. Our recent work has been in developing joint computation and communication scheduling techniques for Active Wireless Spaces and designing Device and Network Aware Scaling Algorithms for efficient high qualiy wireless multimedia transmissions. Below is a list of researchers, current projects, and selected publications.


  Principal Investigator - Professor Sujit Dey
  Current Students - Shaoxuan Wang
  Previous Students - Debashis Panigrahi
Naomi Ramos
Shoubhik Mukhopadhyay

Related Projects:

Selected Publications:

  • S. Wang, S. Dey, "Modeling and Charaterizing User Experience in a Cloud Server Based Mobile Gaming Approach," Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom'09 - CSS), Hawaii, December 2009. pdf

  • S. Mukhopadhyay, C. Schurgers and S. Dey, "Joint Computation and Communication Scheduling to Enable Rich Mobile Applications," Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom'07), Washington D.C., November 2007, pp. 2117-2122 (Best Paper Award).

  • N.Ramos, S.Dey, "A Device and Network-Aware Scaling Framework for Efficient Delivery of Scalable Video over Wireless Networks," in IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, September 2007. pdf

  • N.Ramos, D.Panigrahi, S.Dey, "Dynamic Adaptation Policies to Improve Quality of Service of Real-Time Multimedia Applications in IEEE 802.11e WLAN Networks", in Springer Wireless Networks , Vol. 13, No. 4, Aug. 2007, pp. 511-535. pdf

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